The University of Quebec Decreased Energy Consumption by a Third

    Posted on Tue,Jan 29, 2019 @ 11:16 AM


    The Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM) is a dynamic, open, creative university recognized for the originality and quality of its programs, cutting-edge research, grounded social concerns, and its innovation in the arts. This City campus is bustling with students all year round, who wish to study in a comfortable and inspiring environment. If that comfort is disrupted, their ability to learn decreases.

    UQAM wanted to upgrade its Building Automation System (BAS) from a pneumatic-based system to a full electronic DDC System to improve operation and building performance. The project would include all valves and actuators associated with heating, cooling, and humidification for the two interconnected buildings on campus. The solution needed to provide the least disruption in service to these extensively used areas with improved system performance and less energy consumption. >Read on.

    UQAM’s Building Facility Team asked Steven Maton, Consulting Engineer from Bouthillette Parizeau (BPA), to review their building criteria. Since the BAS required to be replaced and upgraded, Regulvar was the best team for this project. Regulvar has extensive knowledge regarding control systems and upgradable building automation solutions, which are designed to optimize building performance as well as occupant comfort and security. Marie-Eve Plante-Perras, Project Manager for Regulvar, contacted Belimo for assistance with the custom retrofit solution. Marie-Eve is familiar with Belimo‘s full range of retrofit solutions, their ability to customize, as well as their quality, reliability and efficient lead times. UQAM is also familiar with Belimo‘s systems since they have many field devices already installed in their buildings. For this project, more than 100 valves and actuators required straightforward actuator retrofits and 20 required creative and custom replacement solutions. As an end result, the system upgrade allowed for an energy consumption reduction, therefore improving the energy profile and sustainability.

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    Super Capacitor for Critical Applications

    Posted on Tue,Oct 03, 2017 @ 10:53 AM

    Super capacitors (SuperCaps) are electrochemical condensers that are faster in response and more reliable than conventional rechargeable batteries. This modern energy storage technology is advancing energy efficiency and the functionality of complex safety solutions around the globe. Belimo has intensively tested and improved the SuperCap technology to equip damper and valve actuators with an innovative electronic fail-safe control function. Testing was under harsh conditions temperatures of 122°F to -22°F [50°C to -30°C] and long-term charging and discharging. Testing focused on the reliability of the electronic fail-safe function with continuous loads. To combine SuperCap technology with fail-safe control actuators, Belimo needed to develop and patented a SuperCap energy management algorithm included in the actuator microprocessor controller. The algorithm safely charges and discharges the SuperCap energy to deliver and ensure reliable long service life.

    This technology is applied wherever safety and energy efficiency are required. SuperCaps absorb energy very quickly and discharge as required. It offers a longer service life and greater cycle-resistant than rechargeable batteries. These properties are desirable for high-tech applications such as defibrillators, aviation emergency exits, automotive air bags, wind turbines, and smart grids.

    SuperCap technology offers HVAC system protection with increased efficiency and speed. During an electrical power supply interruption, dampers and valves automatically returned to their fail-safe position with an electronic fail-safe control function. Water coils are protected from freezing, steam heat exchangers are closed for safety, and fume hood exhaust systems are opened to ensure ventilation. Belimo electronic fail-safe actuators with SuperCap technology offer speed, efficiency, reliability, and versatility.

    Download Application Guide


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    Introduction to Belimo Sensors Training Course

    Posted on Wed,Sep 06, 2017 @ 03:45 PM

    Belimo University known for its comprehensive training programs has just released an online module on Belimo Sensors. This training provides an understanding of the features and benefits of sensors, their functions within an energy management system and best practices for installation of sensors in common applications.

    For HVAC controllers and Building Automation Systems (BAS) to manage and maintain system performance, they require accurate and reliable sensor inputs. In stand-alone systems, the sensors measure the value of the controlled variable, and transmit the data to the DDC controller to position the dampers, valves, fans, pumps, or other controlled devices for occupant comfort and HVAC equipment safety. Sensor outputs with active or passive signals communicate directly to the DDC controller and the BAS with BACnet MSTP or Modbus RTU protocol. Learn about Belimo sensors and the benefits they offer by taking this 30 minute online training with topics that include:

    • Fundamentals of sensorsOnline_Sensor_Training.jpg
    • Understanding of sensors functions in an energy management system
    • Importance of sensor measurement
    • Sensor types (temperature, humidity, pressure, CO2, and VOC for pipe, duct, and outdoor applications)
    • Differences between passive and active sensors
    • Differences between auto zero and manual calibration
    • Belimo Sensor nomenclature
    • Features and benefits
    • Review of some HVAC applications
    • Best practices for installation

    With unlimited access to a collection of HVAC online modules, Belimo University is the easiest andfastest way to get the training you want. Simply go online and complete a one-time registration to access the complete Belimo University Online library of training.

    Online training modules offered by Belimo University include: (computer image with training course)

    • Introduction to Sensors
    • Introduction to Damper Actuator Sizing
    • Introduction to Control Types
    • Introduction to Valve Characteristics and Valve Limitations
    • Introduction to Valve Sizing for Water Systems
    • Introduction to Pressure Dependent Valves
    • Introduction to Retrofitting Butterfly Valves
    • Introduction to Retrofitting Globe Valves

    Discover all the offerings of Belimo University.

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    Belimo Energy Valve™ is Now Solving Low Delta T Leveraging IoT

    Posted on Tue,Apr 11, 2017 @ 03:03 PM

    Belimo Americas is excited to announce the release of the new Energy Valve that is now an IoT device utilizing advanced cloud-based analytics to leverage captured system data to the full potential providing savings and the most efficient operation. The Energy Valve is a pressure independent valve, which measures and manages coil energy by using an embedded electronic flow meter, along with supply and return water temperature sensors. It is ideal for water-side control of heating and cooling coils with programmable maximum flow settings from 1.65 - 713 GPM in valve body size ½” to 6”. Some of the key features include:

    • Patented Power Control and Delta T Manager logic built-in, monitor coil performance and optimize the belimo_energy_valve.jpgavailable energy of the coil by maintaining the Delta T.
    • Glycol monitoring an exclusive feature ensures glycol content meets design needs to provide optimum efficiency and safe operation.
    • Cloud analytics provide recommended Delta T and flow setpoints which can be updated remotely
    • Dynamic coil performance illustrates the operation of the coil in real time accurately providing transparency of power degradation and other operational issues.
    • Most expansive communication platform on the market includes Cloud, BACnet MSTP and BACnet IP, Modbus, RTU and TCP/IP, Belimo MP-Bus, and one analog feedback signal for valve flow, power, temperature or position.

    Join us on Wednesday, April 19th at 1:00 PM EDT, Register Now

    In this 30 minute webinar you will learn about the new Energy Valve that is now an IoT device utilizing advanced cloud-based analytics to leverage captured system data to provide savings and the most efficient operation. The Energy Valve is a pressure independent valve that measures and manages coil energy by using an embedded electronic flow meter and supply and return water temperature sensors. New features include glycol monitoring, a suite of cloud services, enhanced web interface, dynamic coil performance, and the most expansive communication platform on the market today. Register today.

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    Belimo Energy Valve™:  Making Systems Energy Efficient, Easier to Control and More Transparent

    Posted on Tue,Feb 21, 2017 @ 11:15 AM

    The Belimo Energy Valve is an advanced pressure independent control valve that can drastically reduce the amount of water used to cool or heat a space.  By increasing the overall efficiency of the heat transfer, energy savings can be achieved.  In addition, the Belimo Energy Valve provides unparalleled transparency to the system and can drastically improve the controllability of complex hydronic systems.

    Join us for this webinar to understand the practical science behind the improved performance and the potential gains that can be realized in your buildings. The webinar will cover:

    Why Hydronic Design Models Don’t Match Building Performance

    Modelling softwares make a few faulty assumptions about basic hydronic behavior which can lead to disappointing building performance.  By selecting and installing proper equipment, engineers and contractors can be successful in achieving the modelled results.

    Understanding and Improving Heat Transfer at the Coil

    By understanding the thermodynamics behind the heat transfer at coils and heat-exchangers, we can devise better control strategies to better match the water flows to the specific loads in the space.  When done properly, most buildings can use far less water to heat and cool, and thus save large amounts pumping and plant energy.

    Static vs. Dynamic Balancing

    Until examined closely, the true benefits of advanced control valve technology, may be overlooked from a control and comfort standpoint.  By exploring dynamically balanced systems, we can see how we can hope to have more stable loops and more comfortable spaces.

    Belimo Energy Valve

    The Belimo Energy Valve is an electronically pressure independent valve with a fully integrated BTU meter.  It has the ability to control flow, manage Delta T, monitor system glycol percentage and fully expose the performance of the equipment.  With advanced communication platforms, which include BACnet, MODbus, IP and cloud based optimization, the Belimo Energy Valve provides unparalleled access to all of the data.

    Case Study Review

    See results from actual Belimo Energy Valve installations.

    Register Now!


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    Improving Chilled Beam Performance and Cost-Effectiveness

    Posted on Tue,Jun 02, 2015 @ 10:00 AM

    In recent years, sustainability and efficiency have made their way to the forefront of building design.  More so now than ever, owners and contractors are looking to take advantage of the most advanced climate control systems in an effort to lower energy costs, maximize space, and ensure the safe and comfortable use of their structure for many years to come.

    The use of chilled beams, in particular, has become a highly popular method of achieving these goals. Originally built to take the place of passive radiant cooling ceiling systems, they provide designers and engineers with the ability to make the most out of their space by dramatically reducing bulky supply and return air ductwork to the minimum size required to meet your ventilation requirements. Heating and cooling loads are served with smaller water pipes and more efficient hydronic systems.

    Chilled beams are an intelligent option for both new buildings and retrofits alike; and when used in conjunction with other state-of-the-art technologies like Belimo’s 6-way Characterized Control Valve (CCV), they help reduce life-cycle costs and improve climate-controlling capabilities in structures of nearly all shapes and sizes.

    The Belimo 6-way CCV is designed specifically for chilled beams and radiant ceilings. It can perform change over and modulating control for a single coil in a 4-pipe system with functionality equivalent to that of up to four 2-way control valves. This represents significant savings in terms of space, material, and installation time.

    Belimo CCV’s innovative ball design features hydraulically decoupled heating and cooling circuits, which means that each sequence is controlled individually by the rotary movement of a single actuator. As a result, one valve can support a coil with two different Cv values.

    In addition to substantially reducing wiring requirements, the use of only one actuator6-way characterized control valve simplifies building management system controls and enhances the ability of operators to manage indoor conditions. The 6-way valve is also highly compact and offers a 0% leakage in the closed position, helping prevent energy losses and reducing operating costs.

    Using a single 6-way control valve to support chilled beam applications results in reduced installation requirements and minimal labor costs, and in the building sector where lean construction is becoming increasingly important, this is highly advantageous.

    Through all of its innovative features, the Belimo 6-way control valve can serve as a highly economical addition to chilled beam applications in a wide range of building designs, and as more and more owners and contractors look for new and effective ways to cut costs and improve the environmental-friendliness of their structure, technologies like it will become increasingly prominent.

    Download 6-way Product Brochure or go online to learn more.




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    Belimo Discusses Buildings of the Future

    Posted on Tue,May 19, 2015 @ 10:00 AM

    On May 4, 2015 Marc Thuillard, Head of Research Belimo was a panelist for the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) workshop: High-Density Urban Environments and Buildings of the Future.  The objective of this workshop was to develop a vision for future buildings based on collective views of thought leaders. They explored technologies that could revolutionize the built environment across energy, water, environment, resilient design, health, security, and productivity.

    Marc stated “We live in exciting times.” With the current evolution of electronics, a small microprocessor integrated into an actuator, has the capability that only previously was available in a computer.  He stated that currently, lifelong stability of building controls is difficult to achieve.  In the future building systems will be self-learning and more demand control oriented.  There will be more virtual sensors, such as information from wearable devices and smart phones, which will provide information through the internet of things to dynamically control systems.  He stated systems will also be self-healing and make adjustments when there are temporary or permanent changes, in order to operate at peak efficiency.  He reminded us clean air is a resource we must be vigilant to maintain.  That rapid expansion in parts of the world is resulting in bad air quality. 

    Buildings of the Future Scoping Study

    The Buildings of the Future Scoping Study will develop a vision for what U.S. mainstream commercial and residential buildings could become in 100 years. To learn more download the Building of the Future Discussion Guide.

    For more information on DOE’s Buildings of the Future program download NYC full presentation or visit the Project website.

    Marc Thuillard is Head of Research for Belimo a manufacturer of energy efficient products such as Energy Valve and the ZIP Economizer. Belimo is a world leader in the design and manufacture of damper actuators and control valves used in commercial HVAC systems. Known for its direct-coupled actuator and innovations in pressure independent control valve technology, Belimo has solutions to maintain an efficient building environment. For 40 years, Belimo has provided innovations in Comfort, Energy Efficiency and Safety Solutions to customers throughout the world.

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    New Belimo ZoneTight™ Zone Valves - Efficient in Every Way

    Posted on Wed,Apr 01, 2015 @ 10:00 AM
    Belimo Americas is pleased to announce the release of their new ZoneTight zone valves which are designed for maximum efficiency in tight spaces. The Belimo’s ZoneTight zone valve product range sets new design and performance standards for both pressure dependent and pressure independent zoning applications. Belimo ZoneTight Zone Valves
    • Belimo’s zero leakage ball valve design  eliminates energy losses and is resistant to clogging.
    • Low power consumption - up to 95% less than conventional zone valves.
    • Field adjustable flow to meet your design requirements.
    • Smallest pressure independent characterized ball valve in the market.
    • 5-year warranty.
    “The ZoneTight zone valves are unlike any other zone valve on the market today”, states Nigel Gallimore, Product Manager. “The PIQCV not only provides reliable, pressure independent control—it offers several advantages to those who design, install, and rely on flow control equipment.”

    Learn more online at

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    Belimo Americas Makes Move to New Energy-Efficient Headquarters

    Posted on Mon,Mar 16, 2015 @ 10:00 AM

    Belimo Americas is pleased to announce that it has officially made the move to its brand new, energy-efficient headquarters in Danbury, Connecticut.Belimo Americas Headquarters

    Located on 34 acres of hillside landscape near the city’s western border, the 200,000 square foot facility is more than twice the size of the company’s previous office and production site and will serve as a showcase for all of its valued customers.

    Built to give visitors a firsthand experience of how Belimo technologies can improve controllability, comfort, and energy efficiency in structures, the new facility features a number of the company’s very own proprietary products and is on track to achieve LEED® Gold Certification from the U.S. Green Building Council.

    In addition to expanded manufacturing capabilities, which will help ensure the production of high quality products with industry best lead times, the building also includes a state-of-the-art HVAC control valve design and testing laboratory, a hands-on training facility for Belimo University, improved ergonomic design to better accommodate employees from Ability Beyond, and a full-range of interactive product demonstrations for its customers.

    All together, the building includes 126,000 square feet of manufacturing space, with the option of adding another 100,000 square feet if the need arises. It can also accommodate another 23,000 square feet of office space in the event that future operations require expansion.

    Belimo OfficeOne of the most interesting design aspects of the new facility is its layout, which features cloud-based ceilings that allow visitors to view the company’s damper actuators and control valves at work. In the boiler room - which other facilities usually close off from the public - Belimo has also installed color-coded pipes to help customers see each system in operation.

    When asked about the decision to implement the unique ceiling design, Belimo’s Vice President of Finance and Administration, John Coppola, said:

    “The building layout allows for tours of the facility so that customers can see our products in action. The tour is called:  Belimo – Experience Efficiency. It’s a fabulous work environment; one where not only everyone can enjoy their day at work, but where we can teach our employees, sales managers, and customers the important role that our products have in sustainable buildings.”

    Among the many Belimo products and technologies used to improve the energy efficiency of the building, some of the most notable include:

    • 44 Energy Valves that allow for precise energy measurement, control and optimization of chilled and hot water flow.
    • 94 6-Way Valves for changeover control of chilled beams and fan coil units, which helps reduce the overall number of valves, actuators, and integration points required to achieve the same result.
    • 188 Pressure Independent Characterized Control Valves for automatic balancing of chilled and hot water flow to each chilled beam branch.
    • More than 160 Active Chilled Beams in combination with Belimo air flow balancing actuators to target the delivery of outdoor air efficiently.
    • A roof top unit for delivering conditioned air to the retrofit actuator machine shop, RMA, and AB area.  The purpose of the unit is to demonstrate the effectiveness of the ZIP Economizer.

    While the facility’s unique design will put on display Belimo’s prowess in the HVAC industry, other energy saving strategies and technologies will also help pave the way to its LEED® Gold Certification. Some of these strategies include water efficiency landscaping with bioswales to prevent water runoff and erosion, sub-metering of mechanical room devices so that energy consumption of systems can be closely monitored and recorded, occupancy and brightness sensors for efficient use of LED-lighting, evaporative coolers, dual flush toilets, and onsite waste management and recycling.

    "Being an energy-solutions provider, it was important to us that the building reflects who we are," added Coppola. "We aren't just providing energy solution products; we are living it every day. We live who we are."

    Visit the Belimo building photo gallery online or download the facilty guide book.


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    New Flow Offering on 2” Electronic Pressure Independent Valve (ePIV)

    Posted on Tue,Aug 26, 2014 @ 10:00 AM

    Belimo expanded its 2” ePIV offering to include five new factory set flow models from 80 to 100 GPM. To achieve these new flow settings the specification for operating differential pressure range is 8-50 psid and media temperature range is 39°F to 250°FePIV [4°C to 120°C].  For these models field set maximum flow is adjustable from 30-100 GPM, in 1 GPM increments, with the ZTH US hand held tool or PC Tool.  

    The ePIV is a 2-way pressure independent characterized control valve with an integrated electronic flow meter and a powerful control algorithm. The ePIV maintains flow set point regardless of differential pressure variations. It achieves this with its powerful algorithm that modulates the valve based on its measured True Flow. The ePIV:

    Compensates for pressure variations and perform dynamic balancing to maintain system performance at varying loads.

    Valves are selected based on coil flow rate. No Cv calculations are needed.

    Valve maintains pressure independent operation down to 1 psid.

    Unlike mechanical pressure independent valves that provide an approximated/calculated flow feedback, the built-in electronic flow meter provides True Flow as a feedback to BAS systems.

    Built-in CCV technology with high close-off pressure and zero leakage eliminates “ghost energy” losses in the system.

    ZTH US handheld tool provides fast and easy access to settings and values.

    Learn more at or download the complete technical documentation.


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