Belimo at the 2023 AHR Expo: Small Devices, Big Impact

Belimo’s booth was a big hit at the 2023 AHR Expo in Atlanta, GA, focusing on how the company’s products are being used in HVAC systems, and illustrating how “Small-Devices-Make-a-Big-Impact.” The company was honored at the 2023 AHR Innovation Awards ceremony for its innovative line of room sensors.

One side of the center display at the Belimo exhibit depicted a hydronic system, showing where Belimo products fit into the system design. Hydronic system problems are noticed when building occupants complain about comfort issues, or when facility managers see an increase in energy consumption. Keys to perfect hydronic control include maintaining the right differential pressure across control valves, achieving design flow at the terminal units, and flow capability.

The display featured the Belimo Energy Valve, a cloud-connected pressure independent valve that features an integrated Thermal Energy Meter. Many buildings experience high energy costs due to low delta T, and in older buildings, this can be caused by improperly sized valves. The Energy Valve allows for energy measurement, power control, delta T management, and IoT-enabled billing in one device. It also offers seamless and direct integration to the Building Monitoring System (BMS) or IoT-based monitoring platforms. The Energy Valve is built to EN1434/MID standards, which ensures high accuracy and reliability while allowing for transparent tenant billing. The device’s Near Field Communication (NFC) interface allows for easy configuration and maintenance directly from a smartphone using the Belimo Assistant app, and it works with or without the device powered.

The display also illustrated the patented glycol compensation algorithm that the Thermal Energy Meter uses to automatically adapt to the amount of glycol in the system, eliminating manual inputs and improving accuracy. Accurate measurement for heating and cooling allows building operators to implement cost recovery strategies through tenant billing.

Belimo Butterfly Valves were also featured, which are fundamental components in hydronic systems. Unfortunately, most butterfly valves are less than ideal – they leak, they’re big, and they’re heavy, which makes them harder to install and maintain. Belimo Butterfly Valve assemblies are the exception. They are designed specifically for HVAC applications – offering up to 80% less power consumption, zero leakage, and improved system performance with a self-adjusting design. Belimo butterfly valves also offer simplified setup, diagnostics, and application data access with NFC, BACnet, and Modbus.

“Have you ever purchased a valve and installed it with a Cv specified by the engineer, but when you get to the installation site, it’s all wrong? What would you do? With a Belimo valve, with our NFC technology, you can use your smartphone and change your flows right there on the spot,” said Nigel Gallimore, Belimo Manager of Product Management, Water Solutions, as he explained how NFC-enabled devices can make a technician’s job easier.

The hydronic display also featured a complete range of Belimo sensors for temperature, humidity, dew point, CO2, air quality, and pressure. These sensors feature a unique uniform design, making them easy to install and maintain.

The other side of the center display showed an air handling unit and how Belimo actuators, valves, and sensors are the interface between the control system and the mechanical system. Typically, 80% or more of DDC outputs in the HVAC system go to actuators. If they’re not positioned correctly, then the performance of the system will suffer.

Belimo Gas Monitors provide air quality monitoring for commercial properties, which can be configured to measure up to two different gases at the same time. All Belimo gas monitors offer peer-to-peer communication, allowing daisy-chain installation of up to 32 devices. These monitors can be assigned to different areas for ventilation zoning while on the same network, which can significantly reduce control wiring and installation costs. Enhanced communication and BMS control can be achieved with the addition of BACnet MS/TP on select models.

“Belimo’s Gas Monitor with dual sensors are great for enclosed parking garage applications requiring both CO and NO2 gas monitoring and alarm. The ability to control the ventilation system from any one monitor makes installation easier and lowers total installed cost,“ said Robert Eddy of EP Sales, Inc.

Belimo Room Sensors were also shown, which are designed to accurately measure temperature, humidity, dew point, and CO2. They can be adjusted using either the ePaper Touch Display, or for models without a touch display, setpoints can be programmed using the Belimo Room Display App. These sensors are maintenance-free and provide long-term reliability for a comfortable room environment.

Shown on the valve tree, the new EPIV (available in ½” to 2”) was on display. The EPIV now offers easy integration into the BMS with BACnet or Modbus communication. The ultrasonic flow measurement and glycol compensation enable true flow measurement and total volume readings. Commissioning and operation are supported by digital workflows, and the Belimo Assistant App works with all EPIV models.

Pictured in the display controlling an actuator that opens and closes an outdoor air vent, the ZIP Economizer delivers IAQ improvements and energy savings using logic strategies that are determined based on the ZIP code of the building. The ZIP’s BACnet data objects allow facility managers to configure the device and monitor its performance through their Building Management System.

Belimo’s Fire and Smoke demonstration focused on the new FSKN BACnet remote inspection module, which allows IBC Chapter 7 code-mandated testing of actuated life safety dampers without costly visual inspections. The FSKN module initiates cycling and verifies the position of the damper to ensure proper operation. It connects seamlessly to Fire Alarm panels or Building Automation Systems using BACnet or Modbus communication. This allows Fire Alarm and Controls companies to perform more efficient damper testing to better ensure code compliance.

Belimo’s Damper Actuator wall display, showcase the company’s complete series, could be found on the opposite side of the sensor display. Belimo damper actuators consume up to 80% less energy than other brands. This efficiency is made possible with the patented brushless DC motor technology. Belimo motor technology guarantees rated torque over the entire operating range with no loss in performance because of temperature, supply voltage, or speed. Belimo IoT damper and valve actuators were highlighted, which deliver cloud connectivity for fast, easy commissioning and remote monitoring. Paired with Belimo sensors, these actuators help to create and maintain a more comfortable environment with increased building efficiency.

Attendees were also able to experience retrofitting a valve actuator in virtual reality and how the Belimo Retrofit Tool makes it easy to find replacement solutions quickly and effectively. There is information about the online Belimo Retrofit Tool and Retrofit App, and the Retrofit Smart Form for customized retrofits.

"Participation in the AHR Expo allows Belimo to strengthen our existing relationships with our friends in the HVACR industry and also open doors to new relationships. The event gives us an opportunity to showcase our most recently introduced products and to gain exposure to the latest trends and developments receiving attention throughout the industry. I am proud of Belimo’s presence at the AHR Expo.", said Jim Furlong, President of Belimo Americas.

The 2024 AHR Expo will be held in Chicago on January 22-24. 

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