Room Sensors Wins Innovation Award

Belimo Room Sensors recently won the AHR Innovation Award in the Indoor Air Quality category. The annual awards competition honors the most innovative and original products, systems, and technologies showcased at the International Air-Conditioning, Heating, Refrigerating Exposition (AHR Expo) in the categories of building automation; cooling; green building; heating, indoor air quality, plumbing; refrigeration; software; tools & instruments; and ventilation.


Belimo Room Sensors are essential for controlling and monitoring airflow to provide safe indoor air environments. A Red Dot award-winning design with an ePaper touch display provides high contrast and intuitive operation, illustrating current room values with the ability to adjust setpoints. The tri-color LEDs indicate the CO2 concentration levels at a glance. The CO2 measurements are automatically adjusted based on altitude, making these room sensors more accurate under varying conditions. 


Commercial applications are the best fit for Belimo Room Sensors. Businesses can reduce waste and operational costs by implementing energy-efficient measures, especially for spaces with variable occupancy. As a result, building managers can lower maintenance expenses and provide employees and customers with a comfortable working environment. The Room Sensors are maintenance-free and provide long-term reliability for a comfortable room environment. Integrated Near Field Communication (NFC) offers easy field adjustability, commissioning, remote display capabilities, and troubleshooting even without power. For devices without an integral ePaper display, setpoints can be programmed using the new Belimo Room Display App, which turns your smartphone into a remote display. Apps associated with Belimo's room sensors allow password protection capability for an added security layer and can disable NFC for applications requiring increased security.


Collège Laval maintains an unparalleled quality of education by taking the health of its students and staff very seriously. By installing 115 Belimo room sensors within the college, it is now possible to precisely detect air quality in real-time, even from a smartphone. To achieve this, the college staff worked with Immotik, a distributor, installer, and integrator of BACnet products, to select and install a network of sensors in the six wings of the college. Every sensor can be scanned quickly and easily to access data in real-time, without prior calibration, via the Belimo Assistant App and a smartphone. It also allows field adjustment, commissioning, and troubleshooting even without power.



Overall Key Features:
  • ePaper Touch Display
    • High contrast and intuitive operation illustrating current room valves with the ability to adjust setpoints
  • CO2 Traffic Light
    • The LED shows the CO2 concentration (not visible in the off position).
  • Configurable
    • Set the display to show only measured valves or temperature and fan setpoints.
  • Snap Cover
    • The design allows for quick installation and easy commissioning.
  • Removable Terminal
    • Spring-loaded terminal block saves wiring time and ensures reliable contact.
  • Quick Response Time
    • The sophisticated technology allows the sensor to react very quickly to changes in temperature.
  • High Accuracy
    • The low wall coupling factor provides accurate measurements unaffected by the wall temperature.
  • Seamless Integration
    • With BACnet, Modbus and MP-Bus can communicate directly to the BMS.
  • NFC Capabilities
    • Parameterize and adjust the room sensor through the Belimo Assistant App
    • For non-ePaper display variants, the Belimo Room Sensor Display app brings display and setpoint capabilities to a smartphone.

Temperature with Setpoint Temperature + Relative Humidity
Temperature + Relative Humidity + CO2

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