Ease of Installation and Fast Commissioning

    Posted on Tue,Nov 20, 2018 @ 11:16 AM

    The Belimo Assistant App offers operation transparency when used in connection with Belimo VAV, damper and valve actuators that have integrated Near Field Communication. With a smartphone, the Belimo Assistant App provides fast and easy programming, commissioning and troubleshooting even without power. The App also allows you to document and send your settings and operating data via email.

    The Belimo Assistant App:

    • Displays device type, position, designation, serial number
    • Access to operating data and setting parameters, device-specific
    • Fieldbus communication settings, device-specific
    • Delivers a diagnostic page to view the starts/stops and mechanical overloads for easy troubleshooting
    • Transmits and stores data via the Belimo Cloud, device-specific
    • Sends captured actuator data directly from your smartphone via e-mail, WhatsApp or SMS
    • Provides language options, German, English, French or Italian (DE / EN / FR / IT)

    How to use the Belimo Assistant App:
    To use the Belimo Assistant App, hold the smartphone right over the NFC logo located on the Belimo device.
    If using an iPhone you will need to use the Belimo ZIP-BT-NFC converter. Place the converter directly on the Belimo device over the NFC logo. Hold the smartphone right over the Belimo ZIP-BT-NFC converter.

    Belimo devices with NFC provide transparency to ensure system efficiency and eases installation. Additional information can be found online at www.belimo.us or contact a Belimo representative.



    • Belimo device with the NFC logo
    • Android smartphone with build-in NFC antenna: Android V5.0 or higher
    • Android smartphone without NFC: Android V5.0 plus a Belimo ZIP-BT-NFC converter
    • iPhone: iOS V9.0 or higher plus a Belimo ZIP-BT-NFC converter

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    Introduction to Belimo Sensors Training Course

    Posted on Wed,Sep 06, 2017 @ 03:45 PM

    Belimo University known for its comprehensive training programs has just released an online module on Belimo Sensors. This training provides an understanding of the features and benefits of sensors, their functions within an energy management system and best practices for installation of sensors in common applications.

    For HVAC controllers and Building Automation Systems (BAS) to manage and maintain system performance, they require accurate and reliable sensor inputs. In stand-alone systems, the sensors measure the value of the controlled variable, and transmit the data to the DDC controller to position the dampers, valves, fans, pumps, or other controlled devices for occupant comfort and HVAC equipment safety. Sensor outputs with active or passive signals communicate directly to the DDC controller and the BAS with BACnet MSTP or Modbus RTU protocol. Learn about Belimo sensors and the benefits they offer by taking this 30 minute online training with topics that include:

    • Fundamentals of sensorsOnline_Sensor_Training.jpg
    • Understanding of sensors functions in an energy management system
    • Importance of sensor measurement
    • Sensor types (temperature, humidity, pressure, CO2, and VOC for pipe, duct, and outdoor applications)
    • Differences between passive and active sensors
    • Differences between auto zero and manual calibration
    • Belimo Sensor nomenclature
    • Features and benefits
    • Review of some HVAC applications
    • Best practices for installation

    With unlimited access to a collection of HVAC online modules, Belimo University is the easiest andfastest way to get the training you want. Simply go online and complete a one-time registration to access the complete Belimo University Online library of training.

    Online training modules offered by Belimo University include: (computer image with training course)

    • Introduction to Sensors
    • Introduction to Damper Actuator Sizing
    • Introduction to Control Types
    • Introduction to Valve Characteristics and Valve Limitations
    • Introduction to Valve Sizing for Water Systems
    • Introduction to Pressure Dependent Valves
    • Introduction to Retrofitting Butterfly Valves
    • Introduction to Retrofitting Globe Valves

    Discover all the offerings of Belimo University.

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    Belimo Energy Valve™:  Making Systems Energy Efficient, Easier to Control and More Transparent

    Posted on Tue,Feb 21, 2017 @ 11:15 AM

    The Belimo Energy Valve is an advanced pressure independent control valve that can drastically reduce the amount of water used to cool or heat a space.  By increasing the overall efficiency of the heat transfer, energy savings can be achieved.  In addition, the Belimo Energy Valve provides unparalleled transparency to the system and can drastically improve the controllability of complex hydronic systems.

    Join us for this webinar to understand the practical science behind the improved performance and the potential gains that can be realized in your buildings. The webinar will cover:

    Why Hydronic Design Models Don’t Match Building Performance

    Modelling softwares make a few faulty assumptions about basic hydronic behavior which can lead to disappointing building performance.  By selecting and installing proper equipment, engineers and contractors can be successful in achieving the modelled results.

    Understanding and Improving Heat Transfer at the Coil

    By understanding the thermodynamics behind the heat transfer at coils and heat-exchangers, we can devise better control strategies to better match the water flows to the specific loads in the space.  When done properly, most buildings can use far less water to heat and cool, and thus save large amounts pumping and plant energy.

    Static vs. Dynamic Balancing

    Until examined closely, the true benefits of advanced control valve technology, may be overlooked from a control and comfort standpoint.  By exploring dynamically balanced systems, we can see how we can hope to have more stable loops and more comfortable spaces.

    Belimo Energy Valve

    The Belimo Energy Valve is an electronically pressure independent valve with a fully integrated BTU meter.  It has the ability to control flow, manage Delta T, monitor system glycol percentage and fully expose the performance of the equipment.  With advanced communication platforms, which include BACnet, MODbus, IP and cloud based optimization, the Belimo Energy Valve provides unparalleled access to all of the data.

    Case Study Review

    See results from actual Belimo Energy Valve installations.

    Register Now!


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    SELECTPRO™ New and Improved – Sizing and Selectrion Made Simple

    Posted on Mon,Apr 06, 2015 @ 01:29 PM

    Belimo Americas, the leading producer of electronic valves and air damper actuators, announces enhancements to SelectPro™, the company’s unique and powerful sizing and selection software.  SelectPro is a quick and simple tool for accurately sizing and selecting valves, actuators, and replacement solutions. With the recent enhancements SelectPro now offers:Belimo SelectPro

    • Updated User Interface – Easy & Intuitive Navigation
    • Quick Quote Module – Create a schedule or quote in no time
    • Additional Media  – Now offering Images, Installation Instructions and 3D drawings
    • Media Download – Save a ZIP file of your entire schedule’s media
    • Manual Selection – Now offered in the Damper & Retrofit Modules

    “The goal is to provide a tool that the customer could navigate with ease and be able to seamlessly move from selection to schedule to ordering”, states Danielle Breece, Product Specialist for Belimo’s Sales Tools. “I believe the Quick Quote Module will be a great asset to every user’s daily business.”

    To download or learn more, visit the Belimo website at www.belimo.us. You can also e-mail marketing@us.belimo.com or contact Customer Service 1-800-543-9038.

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