Belimo's Continued Commitment to Protect Our Environment

Leading by example is essential. Belimo's US headquarters installed a 900kW solar panel system. This installation is one of the largest rooftop solar panel installations in Connecticut! This project is an 877 kW solar electric array that interconnects directly into two of the facility meters here at Belimo. In total, this project will generate over 1,100,000 kWh of clean electricity in the first year, which is roughly equivalent to powering 100 Connecticut households for 12 months. By utilizing dormant roof space and investing in solar technology, Belimo is now self-generating approximately a third of its annual electrical consumption needs directly from sunlight. In addition to offsetting and stabilizing Belimo's operational expenses and grid-supply electricity needs for at least the next 25 years, this project serves as an essential asset to a world-class production facility.
Belimo leveraged the State of Connecticut's forward-thinking energy policy framework to support the installation. Renewable energy development and deployment is becoming ever more urgent. The state of Connecticut is a national leader in encouraging more clean energy generation and supports job creation. Belimo has capitalized on this opportunity to unlock cost reduction, long-term energy stability, and substantial environmental and carbon reduction. With the unforeseen COVID 19 challenges, Belimo and Dynamic Energy were able to work together to ensure project completion in a safe and secure manner. 
Belimo's North American headquarters is committed to environmental responsibility and sustainability and thrives on design and innovation. The facility is LEED Gold Certification and achieved 19 out of 19 points in the energy performance optimization model, projecting 48 percent in energy savings. With the solar panel installation, Belimo can qualify for up to 8 LEED points under the Energy & Atmosphere section (EA2) and continues to contribute to reducing energy consumption and environmental impacts.
View Belimo's Roof Top Installation and Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony During COVID 19.

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