Ease of Installation and Fast Commissioning

    Posted on Tue,Nov 20, 2018 @ 11:16 AM

    The Belimo Assistant App offers operation transparency when used in connection with Belimo VAV, damper and valve actuators that have integrated Near Field Communication. With a smartphone, the Belimo Assistant App provides fast and easy programming, commissioning and troubleshooting even without power. The App also allows you to document and send your settings and operating data via email.

    The Belimo Assistant App:

    • Displays device type, position, designation, serial number
    • Access to operating data and setting parameters, device-specific
    • Fieldbus communication settings, device-specific
    • Delivers a diagnostic page to view the starts/stops and mechanical overloads for easy troubleshooting
    • Transmits and stores data via the Belimo Cloud, device-specific
    • Sends captured actuator data directly from your smartphone via e-mail, WhatsApp or SMS
    • Provides language options, German, English, French or Italian (DE / EN / FR / IT)

    How to use the Belimo Assistant App:
    To use the Belimo Assistant App, hold the smartphone right over the NFC logo located on the Belimo device.
    If using an iPhone you will need to use the Belimo ZIP-BT-NFC converter. Place the converter directly on the Belimo device over the NFC logo. Hold the smartphone right over the Belimo ZIP-BT-NFC converter.

    Belimo devices with NFC provide transparency to ensure system efficiency and eases installation. Additional information can be found online at www.belimo.us or contact a Belimo representative.



    • Belimo device with the NFC logo
    • Android smartphone with build-in NFC antenna: Android V5.0 or higher
    • Android smartphone without NFC: Android V5.0 plus a Belimo ZIP-BT-NFC converter
    • iPhone: iOS V9.0 or higher plus a Belimo ZIP-BT-NFC converter

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    Pressure Sensors Optimize Building Performance

    Posted on Mon,Nov 05, 2018 @ 12:44 PM

    HVAC system performance and comfort rely on accurate measurement and control of differential pressure.  Effective air distribution is achieved by closely monitoring and controlling air pressure.  By monitoring the airflow pressure across dampers, filters, fans, and between rooms, the HVAC system can efficiently and economically optimize building performance and reduce energy consumption.

    AHU_Sensors_noblueSensors from Belimo offer superior reliability, easy installation and commissioning, and seamless integration.

    Belimo pressure sensors are designed for air applications with a focus on low pressure for high accuracy, stability and zero drift for critical environmental applications.with major Building Automation Systems (BAS). They are the result of over four decades of experience, research, and a focus on providing value-adding technologies.

    Belimo differential air pressure sensors feature:

    • Eight field selectable pressure ranges in one unit helping to reduce inventory and support on-site range selection
    • Excellent zero-point stability and high accuracy ensuring optimal performance and repeatability.
    • Optional true auto-zero calibration ensures all measurements are accurate and drift free, no need for manual maintenance or on-site visits
    • Modbus communication protocol provides superior application data access and enables easy commissioning and parameterization
    • Snap-on housing allowing for quick installation and easy commissioning
    • Modular conduit fitting enables various mounting and cable configurations to meet a variety of applications
    • Spring-loaded removable terminal block creates a connection that offers resistance to vibration and maximum pull-out force, saving time during wiring and ensuring contact reliability
    • Output protection provides reverse-polarity protection, which minimizes the risk of damage caused by incorrect wiring
    • Detachable mounting plate designed as a drill template for easy and faster installation
    • NEMA 4X / IP65 and UL compliance enclosure tested to withstand harsh indoor and outdoor conditions, including exposure to dirt, dust, humidity, condensation, rain, and snow
    • Accurate and reliable readings backed with a 5-year warranty

    Discover the advantages



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    Pressure Independent Valves a Good Solution for Water Source Heat Pump Application

    Posted on Thu,Oct 18, 2018 @ 09:00 AM

    In a water source heat pump (WSHP) application, a variable or constant speed pump accomplishes water distribution. The primary function of valves in a WSHP application is to allow a predetermined volume of water to enter each unit through either a water-to-refrigerant coil, water-to-air coil, or a water-to-water coil. The valves used are typically on/off control for full design flow when the WSHP starts. In most applications they are not required to control the amount of flow as in a traditional HVAC hydronic system.

    The benefits of using a pressure independent valve (PIV) for a water source heat pump:

    • Dynamically balances the system by responding to changes in differential pressure
    • Maintains design flow at part load and during morning start-up when all loops become critical
    • Each terminal receives the required flow, no overflow or underflow
    • Dynamic balancing allows a mechanic to easily commission a building and eliminates the need for rebalancing when alterations have been made to the hydronic system
    • Improves overall comfort and saves on pumping energy

    To select the right pressure independent valve determine the appropriate flow required for your heat pump and select the valve that satisfies this flow. Belimo’s pressure independent valve ranges from ½” to 6” with up to 713 GPM. This combination of pressure independent valve and variable-frequency drive (VFD) enables savings of pumping energy up to 90% of the time when the building load is less than full. More information on pressure independent control valves can be found online.



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    Critical Zone Reset Logic Increases Pumping Efficiency

    Posted on Thu,Oct 04, 2018 @ 08:47 AM

    Hydronic variable flow systems may reset supply water temperature, pump static pressure, or a combination of both to reduce plant energy consumption and to comply with building codes and standards. The information below illustrates how valve position feedback to the Building Automation System (BAS) is used to reset the pump pressure setpoint in accordance with ASHRAE 90.1 and California Title 24.

    • ASHRAE 90.1 (2016) Section states “Where DDC is used to control valves, the set point shall be reset based on valve positions until one valve is nearly wide open or setpoint limits of the system equipment or application have been reached.”
    • California Title 24 (2016) Section 140.4 (k) B.ii. states “For systems with direct digital control of individual coils with a central control panel, the static pressure set point shall be reset based on the valve requiring the most pressure, and the setpoint shall be no less than 80 percent open.”Capture-10
    When using the control valve position to reset the pump pressure setpoint the term “Critical Zone Reset” (CZR) is used to describe the BAS automated demand response logic as illustrated in the chart. Under normal operation, the speed of the pump is controlled by the position of the actuators.  One of the valves needs to be almost 100% open to satisfy the load – this is the critical zone.


    Only the ePIV or Belimo Energy Valve position feedback signal will work as intended when fully open causes the CZR logic to increase the pump pressure. In response, the critical zone’s ePIV or Energy Valve actuator will move the valve position to less than full open for all load conditions, including design load. In contrast, a pressure dependent control valve or mechanical pressure independent valve (PIV) will stay fully open at design load, regardless of increased pump pressure, which would increase energy cost.

    Critical zone reset systems require an advanced BAS installation that can analyze and quickly communicate the actuator position of the ePIV or Energy Valve. However, one anomalous feedback signal can upset the whole system. Any outlier zones should be corrected during the commissioning process or deleted from the CZR algorithm. Additionally, the BAS should remove valves from the CZR logic when the AHU is off, i.e., chilled water valves may be commanded full open under low-temperature conditions to mitigate freezing risk.  Otherwise, the variable speed system will run at maximum speed; energy will be wasted, and the pump head pressure will be high.

    The ePIV and Energy Valve's position feedback signal is uniquely suited to reset pump pressure.  They are the only control valves that behave just like a VAV box actuator in AHU systems.

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    District Cooling and the Effects of Low Delta T

    Posted on Mon,Mar 05, 2018 @ 09:36 AM

    new-chiller-1.jpgDistrict cooling is the centralized production and distribution of cooling energy. Chilled water is delivered from a centralized energy plant through an underground pipeline to commercial, industrial, and residential buildings to air-condition using chilled water.  Excess heat is extracted from the building by the air conditioning systems’ heat exchangers. The water is then returned to the central energy plant.

    District cooling plants operate to meet the cooling energy demand of their customers, which could be dozens of buildings in a college campus or municipality. District cooling systems offer lower up-front construction costs and eliminate the need for chiller plant maintenance at the building level.

    Customers of a district cooling plant pay for the volume of chilled water delivered to their building and may pay other charges as well.  A peak demand charge may be assessed and penalties for returning water below the design or contracted temperature due to poor heat exchange. Our industry has proven that lower return water temperatures and low delta T decrease the efficiency of the entire chilled water system.  This condition is known as “Low Delta T Syndrome.”  Low Delta T syndrome is the result of the inefficient use of chilled water at the point of consumption.  Belimo is sponsoring a webinar with High Performance Building on District Cooling and the effects of low Delta T.  This webinar will provide a review of district chilled water system design and how low Delta T impacts both the chillers and the buildings the chillers are serving. We will also cover low Delta T and how it impacts pumping, causes of low Delta T, attempts to correct low Delta T and the relationship between low Delta T and chiller capacity. In conclusion, we will review a study of a building where “Low Delta T Syndrome” was corrected at the point of water to air heat transfer.

    Webinar Objectives:

    • Identifying the importance of system design and pumping arrangements
    • Understanding the relationship between GPM and Delta T
    • How to calculate Btu and Tons
    • The types of district cooling building connections
    • Why maintaining Delta T is important in a district cooling system

    Register today!

    HPB Marketing_728 x 90.jpg

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    Belimo at AHR Expo!

    Posted on Fri,Feb 09, 2018 @ 09:39 AM

    AHR Expo was a huge success this year bringing in over 65,000 industry professionals. Thank you for taking the time to stop by the Belimo booth and see first-hand the new product releases for 2018 along with some of our existing product demonstrations. If you were unable to make it take here is a quick review.

    • Sensors
      sensor-application.pngSeamlessly integrated sensors were showcased all around the booth; within the intelligent IoT actuators, Belimo Energy Valve piped with the resilient seat butterfly valve and connected to the actuator’s sensor inputs to monitor the temperature values within the Belimo Assistant app. The sensor display incorporates the LM actuator that would close the damper when the temperature reached the controller's The product range displayed at AHR included sensors for measuring temperature, humidity, pressure, CO2, VOC, and flow. Applications include duct, pipe, and outdoor mounting. Belimo sensors provide the highest quality and are backed by world-class service and support.
    • IoT Actuator
      New Belimo new IoT actuators offer system transparency with connectivity to the Belimo Cloud. A complete offering of fail-safe and non fail-safe, Internet of Things (IoT) damper and valve actuators with torque ranges from 45 to 360 in-lbs will be released the second quarter of 2018. At AHR Expo, the IoT actuators demonstration illustrated how they are designed to monitor conditions and system functionality continuously. Paired with seamlessly integrated sensors they can measure temperature, humidity, pressure, CO2, VOC, or flow throughout an entire building and store the data on the Belimo Cloud for future use or integration to advanced Building Management Systems. Stay up to date on the release, join our news release email notification.
    • PMB and PKB Damper Actuators
      Amazing displayed the new PMB and PKB damper actuator series are the most innovative, energy efficient and reliable solution for damper applications with medium to high velocity and pressure. The new series with its durable construction, low weight, high torque (1400 in-lbs), and NEMA 4X rating housing can handle tough, demanding environments. The actuator series is available with non fail-safe (PMB) or electronic fail-safe (PKB) actuation, universal power supply capability, two passive sensor inputs, and Near Field Communication (NFC) for easy programming, commissioning and troubleshooting. The actuator communicates directly with Building Automation System (BAS) with BACnet communication protocol and offers cloud connectivity to ensure optimal performance.

    • Fire and Smoke Damper Actuators
      Belimo is the world’s largest fire and smoke damper manufacturer, so it comes to no surprise that Belimo had on display a damper with the FSTF actuator. Belimo offers a comprehensive line of fire and smoke damper actuators with an extensive torque range that is specifically designed for operation with fire, smoke, and combination fire and smoke dampers in ventilation and air-conditioning systems. As an integral part of the life safety system, Belimo fire and smoke actuators provide high performance, low power consumption, and are compliant with Life Safety Codes and Standards.

    • ZIP Economizer
      The ZIP Economizer continues to provide energy efficient indoor air quality and enables facility managers the ability to monitor building performance easily. The rooftop demonstration unit at AHR illustrated the ZIP Economizer’s advanced logic strategies and how it provides building owners the opportunity to recoup lost energy dollars. The ZIP Economizer is compliant with the most recent energy codes and standards (ASHRAE 90.1-2016, IECC-2015, California Title 24-2016, ASHRAE 189.1-2014).

    • Belimo Energy Valve
      The Belimo Energy Valve is an Internet of Things (IoT), pressure independent valve utilizing advanced cloud-based analytics to provide the greatest savings and the most efficient operation. The Energy Valve demo illustrated how it measures and manages coil energy by using an embedded ultrasonic flow meter, along with supply and return water temperature sensors to solve low Delta T increasing building performance.

    • 6-way ePIV
      Another impressive demonstration was the new 6-way electronic pressure independent valve (ePIV) with Near Field Communication (NFC) and BACnet communication. The 6-way ePIV is the only one of its kind designed for chilled beams, radiant ceiling panels, and 4-pipe fan coil units providing true flow and dynamic balancing. It has the functionality of up to four 2-way control valves and two balancing valves thus saving material and installation time. The 6-way ePIV is available in ½” and ¾” NPT body sizes with two separate flow capacity adjustment up to 10.3 GPM (5.5 GPM for ½”). The valve is controlled by a single modulating actuator that enables both heating/cooling to be controlled pressure independently from a single analog control output eliminating the need to install multiple valves and wire multiple actuators; view how a 6-way valve works.

    • Pressure Independent Valves
      Belimo pressure independent control valves are the ideal complement to variable flow systems offering worry-free automatic balancing and efficiency. Variable systems have the potential to save facilities thousands of dollars in pumping energy, but all too often these savings disappear without proper flow control at the coil. With Belimo pressure independent control technology, only a single valve is required to maintain proper flow through each circuit/terminal unit. The complete pressure independent control valve offering includes ½” to ¾” PIQCV, ½” to 6” ePIV, and ½” to 6” Energy Valve. View online.
    • Globe Valve Assemblies
      Belimo will offer a full range oglobe-valve.pngf NPT pressure compensated globe valves on April 1.  The new G2 and G3 provides ANSI Class VI leakage and 100:1 rangeability for accurate modulation at low flow. The globe valve actuators incorporate Multi-Function Technology™ (MFT) to allow for easy and flexible field configuration (pulse width modulation, analog DC proportional control, floating point or on/off control). Join our enews for the official product announcement.
    • Butterfly Valve Offering
      bfv-3.jpgBelimo made another new product announcement not only is the 1400 in-lbs P series actuator available for the resilient butterfly valves it will be available for the Grooved (VIC) and the Superior High Performance (SHP) butterfly valve series offering intelligence, energy savings, ease of installation, and reliable high flow. With a smartphone; easily program, commission, and troubleshoot. NFC and BACnet communication provide the data access you need to ease installation and ensure optimal system performance. Belimo offers the highest quality products that are backed by world-class service and support. Available with non fail-safe or fail-safe actuators.

    • Retrofit Solutions
      Belimo also announced the release of the PR and PKR actuators for replacement solutions for an extensive range of competitor valves requiring high flow. Taking a system off-line to replace components is not only laborious; it’s also expensive. With the new PR and PKR valve actuator systems can be quickly and conveniently fitted without any interruption in service offering quality and reliable system performance.

    • Tools, Apps, and Training
      Belimo continues to drive the market forward in a variety of software tools and applications to support HVAC personnel in sizing and selection, return on investments, replacement lookup, and associated training both online and onsite for Free.

      Belimo at AHR Expo 2018



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    Belimo Receives Three ControlTrends Awards

    Posted on Fri,Feb 02, 2018 @ 09:05 AM

    The ControlTrends Awards took front and center stage at the Hard Rock Cafe in Chicago. Control Trends is an online organization that provides HVAC and Industrial Controls professionals a place to learn and share information about the rapidly changing world of the commercial and industrial controls. With product demonstrations and training videos along with news and special posts that affect the controls professional. ControlTrends operates independently and is committed to providing HVAC professional, useful information.

    Marc Petock and Kimberly Brown co-hosted the ControlTrends Awards ceremony and announced the winners from the HVAC and Building Automation industries. Belimo received three awards; Energy Savings Solution of the Year – Belimo Energy Valve™, Most Impactful Marketing Collateral (Video, Product Rollout, etc…) of the Year - Belimo ZoneTight™ Zone Valve, Executive of the Year for a Large Manufacturer there was a tie Jim Furlong, Belimo and Richard Newberry, KMC.CTA_LOGO1-1.jpg

    2017 ControlTrends Awards Peripheral Product of the Year

    • Functional Devices ACI
    • VFD Manufacturer of the Year Honeywell Smart VFD
    • Energy Savings Solution Product of the Year – Two winners this year the Belimo Energy Valve from Belimo and PlantPRO® from Conserve It
    • Building Automation VAV Controller of the Year KMC Simply VAV
    • Building Automation Plant/Equipment Controller of the Year  EasyIO FS-32
    • Best Technical Support Company of the Year for a Small Manufacturer  Lynxspring Contemporary Controls
    • Best Technical Support Person of the Year for a Small Manufacturer  Christy O’Neill, Blue Ridge Technologies
    • Professionalism, Integrity, Dedication (PID) Award  Two winners this year David Witherspoon of Honeywell and Dan Flaherty of Distech Controls/Acuity Brands
    • Wireless Product/Solution of the Year  EasyIO FW-Series
    • Lighting Integration Provider/Solution of the Year  Distech/Acuity Brands Light Module
    • Race to the Small Space Solution of the Year  Johnson Controls Verasys
    • Most Impactful Marketing Collateral (Video, Product Rollout, etc…) of the Year  Belimo ZoneTight™ Zone Valve, Take Your Daughter to Work Day
    • Woman of the Year  Two winners this year Monica Ferraro of Distech Controls and Gina Elliott of Schneider Electric
    • Best Technical Support Company of the Year for a Large Manufacturer – Siemens
    • Best Technical Support Person of the Year for a Large Manufacturer Silvia Price, Tridium
    • IoT Smart Building Solution of the Year Niagara 4
    • Vendor of the Year for a Large Manufacturer Johnson Controls
    • Vendor of the Year for a Small Manufacturer Contemporary Controls
    • HVAC, Building Automation, or IoT Solutions Trainer of the Year Gerard Huff, J2 Innovations
    • Building Automation Control System of the Year Distech Controls
    • Innovative Product of the Year Two winners this year Proton for the Optergy and EasyIO for the FW-14
    • Progressive Consulting Engineer of the Year (Demonstrated Industry Leadership in Advancing the Smart Building) Two winners Donald L. Walker of Newcomb & Boyd and Richard Reid of Arup, London, UK
    • System Integrator of the Year Two winners Hawaii Energy Systems and Precision Controls, Chicago
    • Executive of the Year for a Large Manufacturer Two winners this year Jim Furlong from Belimo and Richard Newberry from KMC
    • Executive of the Year for a Small Manufacturer Johan Schakenraad from EasyIO
    • 2017 Young Guns Awards Recipients Aaron Gorka, Innovation Manager for ANT Technologies and Lance Patterson Sales Support Engineer for Distech, Brian Cline Owner for BC Technical Services, LLC, Drew Mire CEO for Computrols, Rick Barnes, Branch Manager for Connect-Air, Atlanta
    • 2017 Petock Award Winner Trevor Palmer Vice President Controls Product Management for Distech/Acuity Brands
    • Hall of Fame Inductees Ron Zimmer from CABA, Warren S. Johnson from Johnson Controls (posthumously), Mark C. Honeywell from Honeywell (posthumously), Don Cochrane Sr. from Cochrane Supply 

        For more information, visit online.

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    AHR Expo Announces 2018 Innovation Award Winners

    Posted on Tue,Oct 31, 2017 @ 09:00 AM

    AHR Expo recognizes some of the most inventive products, systems, and technologies featured at the January 2018 AHR Expo in Chicago. 


    The winners were selected by a panel of third-party ASHRAE member judges who evaluated all award entries based on innovative design, creativity, application, value and market impact. The winners will be recognized in a formal ceremony during the 2018 AHR Expo, that takes place Jan. 22-24, at McCormick Place in Chicago. The AHR Expo will also announce the winner of the highly-anticipated Product of the Year Award at this ceremony.

    “Each year, our winners set the bar higher for innovation in HVACR, and this year is no exception,” said Clay Stevens, president of International Exposition Company, the producers of AHR Expo. “We congratulate each of these leaders from across the industry and look forward to seeing their inventive solutions in action at the 2018 AHR Expo.”

    The winners and finalists in the categories of building automation, cooling, green building, heating, indoor air quality, plumbing, refrigeration, software, tools and instruments, and ventilation are:

    Building Automation

    Winner: Setra Systems, Inc. (2018 AHR Expo Booth 4021)

    Innovation: Setra FLEX™, a complete room monitoring and control solution. Setra FLEX™ is used to ensure safe and energy-efficient indoor environmental and ventilation control conditions for operating rooms, isolation rooms, bio-safety laboratories, clean rooms and all pressurized critical spaces. Visual and audible alarms are configurable and fully comply with ASHRAE Standard 170, as well as US Pharmacopeia 797 and 800.

    Finalists in this category were: BELIMO Americas (6-way Electronic Pressure Independent Valve); Cielo WiGle Inc. (Breez: Smart Controller for Ductless Air-conditioning Systems); and Emerson (Site Supervisor facility control platform).


    Winner: Emerson (2018 AHR Expo Booth 5300)

    Innovation: Copeland Scroll™, a two-stage compressor. The latest generation of Copeland Scroll two-stage compressors from 1 to 10 tons has been redesigned for improved performance and reliability in residential and commercial air conditioning systems. The third generation technology is optimized for mid-tier comfort and efficiency rebates with improved full-load and part-load performance up to five percent. 

    Finalists in this category were: Delta Cooling Towers, Inc. (Delta Anti-Microbial Cooling Tower); Johnson Controls, Inc. (YORK® Affinity™ YXV 20 SEER Variable Capacity Air Conditioner); and ZIEHL-ABEGG, Inc. (ZAvblue centrifugal fan).

    Green Building

    Winner: Danfoss (2018 AHR Expo Booth 2510)

    Innovation: Danfoss Turbocor® TTH/TGH High Lift Compressor, a compressor optimized for air-cooled chiller and heat recovery applications. Engineered for high-lift applications, including air-cooled chillers and heat recovery, Danfoss Turbocor® TTH/TGH models feature oil-free, variable speed, magnetic bearing operation for outstanding full- and part-load efficiency, low vibration and sound, a small footprint, and reduced maintenance—while providing an expanded operating map suitable for air-cooled chiller and heat recovery applications.

    Finalists in this category were: International Wastewater Systems Inc. (PIRANHA HC thermal energy recovery hot water production system); Nexus Valve, Inc. (Pressure Step Deaerator); Regal (NovaMAX™ Motor - 600 RPM); and Smardt Chiller Group Inc. (Smardt Solar Integrated Chiller (SSiC)).


    Winner: Calefactio (2018 AHR Expo Booth 7577)

    Innovation: The ONE, a three-in-one expansion tank, air separator and dirt separator. The ONE innovates by: eliminating an important number of joints, thus limiting the leaking possibilities; using less space and taking less time to install compared to installing the three devices separately; reducing costs—it is much less costly to buy The ONE than to buy all the devices separately.

    Finalists in this category were: Cleaver-Brooks, Inc. (Cleaver-Brooks ClearFire®-CE hydronic boiler); Johnson Controls, Inc. (YORK® Affinity™ YZV 20 SEER Variable Capacity Heat Pump); and WaterFurnace International, Inc. (Versatec Variable Speed water source/geothermal heat pump).

    Indoor Air Quality

    Winner: Spartan Bioscience (2018 AHR Expo Booth 8175)

    Innovation: Spartan Legionella Detection System, the world’s first on-site Legionella DNA test to prevent outbreaks. Spartan’s Legionella Detection System fully integrates DNA collection, extraction and analysis in a compact format. Spartan’s technology enables unprecedented portability with no sample shipment to an outside laboratory and no technical expertise requirements. In addition, the system provides results in 45 minutes.

    Finalists in this category were: AAF Flanders (Sensor360™ filtration monitor); Addison (Linear Capacity™, Dedicated Outdoor Air System); and Johnson Controls, Inc. (GLAS smart thermostat).


    Winner: AquaMotion Inc. (2018 AHR Expo Booth 6816)

    Innovation: AquaMotion Aqua-Flash™, an under-sink hot water recirculation system. The Aqua-Flash by-pass valve provides: an improved bypass design that prevents the hot water from entering the cold line when the hot water faucet is opened; A bi-metal coil element that closes the internal shuttle by-pass port in the valve when hot water reaches the valve; a bi-metal element that is calibrated to deliver the hot water temperature desired; and more than double the pipe diameter to prevent calcium buildup.

    Finalists in this category were: Caleffi Hydronic Solutions (LEGIOMIX® electronic mixing valve with disinfection); and John Guest USA, Inc. (JG ProLock twist-to-lock fitting system).


    Winner: Chemours (2018 AHR Expo Booth 4544)

    Innovation: Opteon™ XP44 Refrigerant (R-452A), a non-ozone depleting, low GWP, HFO-based refrigerant replacement for R-404A/507. It offers an approximately 50 percent reduction in global warming potential compared to R-404A/R-507, while providing the closest match to the compressor discharge temperature of any other low GWP solution on the market. With the regulations addressing high GWP refrigerants such as R-404A/R-507 in commercial refrigeration applications, Opteon™ XP44 uniquely provides equipment manufacturers and end-users an option to cost effectively cut the environmental impact of their refrigerant choice in half, without sacrificing performance or equipment reliability.

    Finalists in this category were: CAREL INDUSTRIES S.p.A. (HEEZ control and management solution); and Emerson (Fractional horsepower low-temperature Copeland Scroll™ compressor).


    Winner: Regal (2018 AHR Expo Booth 4945)

    Innovation: Browning® Toolbox Technician® Motor Efficiency Calculator, for Apple and Android platforms. This mobile app calculator module allows a user to identify efficiency differences between different generations of integral horsepower electric motors. This app not only identifies the potential efficiency gain, but it allows the user to tailor the motor usage parameters to mirror their application or overall facility usage so a projected return on investment (ROI) can be displayed.

    Finalists in this category were: Coolfront Technologies (Coolfront Mobile flat rate pricing app); LG Electronics USA, Inc. (LG Air Conditioning Technical Solution (LATS) Revit drawing plug-in); and SuperCool Slide Rule (SuperCool HVAC app).

    Tools and Instruments

    Winner: Fluke Corporation (2018 AHR Expo Booth 6549)

    Innovation: Fluke T6 Electrical Tester, an electrical tester that takes simultaneous voltage and current measurements without test leads. The T6 testers now make it possible to take reliable true-rms measurements in crowded junction boxes or along conductors with inaccessible endpoints, saving time, minimizing potential errors and greatly reducing the possibility of arc flash.

    Finalists in this category were: GrayWolf Sensing Solutions (GrayWolf’s DirectSense® II Smart Probes / Sensor); Milwaukee Tool (102 x 77 Spot Infrared Imager); and SuperCool Slide Rule (Line-set Saver cleaning device).

    Winner: Triatek (2018 AHR Expo Booth 4344)

    Innovation: Stable Vortex® II Fume Hood, a dynamic, low flow, high performance fume hood that protects chemists from harmful dusts and vapors during experiments. It delivers a safer environment for the user than the average fume hood, while also providing substantial energy savings. The Stable Vortex II passes the ASHRAE 110 test as manufactured, as installed and as used because the superior design accounts for how people actually use fume hoods, in order to truly keep them safe.

    Finalists in this category were: Regal (UlteMAX Axial PM Motor); Titus (TJD, OMNI diffuser) and ZIEHL-ABEGG, Inc. (ZAbluefin bionic, high-efficiency impeller).

    For more information regarding the AHR Expo Innovation Awards, visit ahrexpo.com.

    With 2,000+ exhibitors, 100+ seminars and product presentations, and more than 65,000 attendees, the AHR Expo provides a unique forum for the entire HVACR industry, from product designers and engineers to installers and end users, to come together and share ideas, discover new products and find solutions to technical problems. To register, visit the AHR Expo registration website.

    About AHR Expo

    The AHR Expo (International Air-Conditioning, Heating, Refrigerating Exposition) is the world’s largest HVACR event, drawing in more than 2,000 exhibitors and 65,000+ attendees every year. Since 1930, the Show has provided a unique forum for the entire HVACR industry, including OEMs; engineers; contractors; manufacturers; distributors; commercial, industrial and institutional facility operators; and educators to come together and discover the latest products, learn about new technologies and develop mutually beneficial business relationships. This year’s show, co-sponsored by ASHRAE and AHRI, will be held Jan. 22-24, 2018 at McCormick Place, Chicago, and is held concurrently with ASHRAE’s Winter Conference.

    For more information, visit ahrexpo.com and follow @ahrexpo on Twitter.


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    Super Capacitor for Critical Applications

    Posted on Tue,Oct 03, 2017 @ 10:53 AM

    Super capacitors (SuperCaps) are electrochemical condensers that are faster in response and more reliable than conventional rechargeable batteries. This modern energy storage technology is advancing energy efficiency and the functionality of complex safety solutions around the globe. Belimo has intensively tested and improved the SuperCap technology to equip damper and valve actuators with an innovative electronic fail-safe control function. Testing was under harsh conditions temperatures of 122°F to -22°F [50°C to -30°C] and long-term charging and discharging. Testing focused on the reliability of the electronic fail-safe function with continuous loads. To combine SuperCap technology with fail-safe control actuators, Belimo needed to develop and patented a SuperCap energy management algorithm included in the actuator microprocessor controller. The algorithm safely charges and discharges the SuperCap energy to deliver and ensure reliable long service life.

    This technology is applied wherever safety and energy efficiency are required. SuperCaps absorb energy very quickly and discharge as required. It offers a longer service life and greater cycle-resistant than rechargeable batteries. These properties are desirable for high-tech applications such as defibrillators, aviation emergency exits, automotive air bags, wind turbines, and smart grids.

    SuperCap technology offers HVAC system protection with increased efficiency and speed. During an electrical power supply interruption, dampers and valves automatically returned to their fail-safe position with an electronic fail-safe control function. Water coils are protected from freezing, steam heat exchangers are closed for safety, and fume hood exhaust systems are opened to ensure ventilation. Belimo electronic fail-safe actuators with SuperCap technology offer speed, efficiency, reliability, and versatility.

    Download Application Guide


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    FEBRAVA Review

    Posted on Tue,Sep 26, 2017 @ 06:20 AM


    FEBRAVA, the International Refrigeration, Air Conditioning, Ventilation, Heating, and Air Treatment Fair, celebrated its 20th year.  With over 30,000 visitors and over 31 miles of exhibit space; it is the most important event in the HVAC-R chain in Latin America, covering every sector in this market. It is the ideal location for buyers, installers, consulting engineers, distributors, wholesalers, and engineers to enhance their technical knowledge and get a first-hand look at the newest launches, trends, and innovations in the market and expand their network.

    This year, FEBRAVA had over 300 exhibiting companies covering:

    Refrigeration Making Ice Plugs
    Air-Conditioning Food Conservation Thermal Insulating Materials
    Ventilation Chambers Linings
    Pollution Control Refrigerated Display Counters Fridges Floors
    Treatment of Water Heat Exchangers Windows
    Treatment of Air Refrigerated Transport Applied I.T.
    Treatment of Sewage Compressors for Refrigeration Associations
    Treatment of Gases Instruments & Controls for Refrigeration Banks
    Treatment of Waste Products Instruments & Controls for Air-Conditioning Entities
    Equipment for Heating Hydraulic & Electrical Components Technical Publications
    Solar Collectors Pumps Services in General
    Heaters Engines  
    Greenhouses Valves  

    FEBRAVA featured lectureson air conditioning in hotels the profitability of comfort and efficiency, alternatives to achieving energy-efficient results, innovation in refrigeration, and the storage, and transporting of food, in order to minimize waste. A variety of technical sessions were also available. For example, Belimo’s technical session covered how to improve HVAC systems and increase efficiency in hotels.


    At FEBRAVA, Belimo was excited to announce the release of HVAC sensors, the advanced technology butterfly valve, and the IoT connected Belimo Energy Valve which was the recipient of the 2017 FEBRAVA Innovation Award. The new Belimo Energy Valve is now an IoT device utilizing advanced cloud-based analytics to leverage captured system data to the full potential providing savings and the most efficient operation. The Energy Valve is a pressure independent valve, which measures and manages coil energy by using an embedded electronic flow meter, along with supply and return water temperature sensors. It is ideal for water-side control of heating and cooling coils with programmable maximum flow settings from 1.65 - 713 GPM in valve body size ½” to 6”.


    The range of sensors by Belimo is the result of over four decades of experience, research, and focus on providing value-added technologies that help reduce expenses and installation. Belimo sensors seamlessly integrate into major building automation systems (BAS) with the same quality, reliability, and value that define Belimo. Belimo’s expertise and ability 

    to innovate are evident with the universal compact enclosure design, intuitive screwless snap cover, and detachable mounting plate making installation and commissioning easy.

    With a focus on quality, the Belimo sensors carry a five-year warranty, conform to NEMA 4X and IP65 requirements and are UL compliant. The Belimo sensor offerings include single and multi-range: temperature, humidity, pressure, CO2, and VOC (volatile organic compounds) sensors for pipe and duct applications. 

    Belimo continues to make advancements in the comfort, energy efficiencies, safety, installation and maintenance in HVAC applications. 

    Take a look at Belimo at this years FEBRAVA fair.

    Want to learn more about Belimo, visit www.belimo.com.br/ or email us

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