The Importance of Specialized HVAC Systems for Grow Rooms

    Posted on Tue,Aug 06, 2019 @ 04:13 PM

    Cannabis is one of the most valuable crops in North America, with over 2 million grow rooms in the United States and approximately 700 in Canada. Analysts estimate the legal cannabis market will be worth over $21 billion in 2021. The cannabis industry presents tremendous opportunities for HVAC businesses because of its enormous indoor growing area size. The grow rooms are considered critical environments and need specialized equipment to keep crops healthy, productive, and sustainable.

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    The Glycol Measurement Challenge

    Posted on Tue,Jul 30, 2019 @ 11:58 AM

    Glycol is commonly used to prevent heat transfer fluids from freezing in heating, cooling, and air conditioning systems. It is typically found in systems where pipework is exposed to the exterior environment – rooftop units, free cooling, cooling towers – and also in green energy applications, such as solar thermal collectors. Glycol may also be used in district cooling systems – for example, in high rise properties – and low temperature energy networks serving a number of customers. However, the addition of glycol into any system can result in large errors in thermal energy measurement when using a meter intended for water alone.

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    Pressure Independent Valve Technology

    Posted on Wed,Jul 24, 2019 @ 02:31 PM

    Each year, building owners across the globe invest millions of dollars into heating and cooling system upgrades in an effort to increase efficiency, reduce costs, and remain green. All too often, however, these upgrades fall short of expectations, and owners are left right back where they were - struggling to improve the environmental friendliness and cost reduction of their operation.

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    New Ultrasonic Flow Sensors with Glycol Compensation

    Posted on Tue,Jul 16, 2019 @ 03:52 PM

    Belimo releases new larger sizes inline flow sensors, 2½ to 6” that offer automatic glycol measurement and compensation for optimal system performance. Trusted flow measurement is essential in maximizing HVAC system efficiency and ensuring occupant comfort. Belimo flow sensors utilize ultrasonic technology with glycol compensation to provide accurate and repeatable flow measurements of water and water/glycol mixtures without drift in any HVAC application.

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    Hydronic Simulator Tool to Help Educate on the Importance of Valves in Dynamic Systems

    Posted on Tue,Jun 18, 2019 @ 08:30 AM

    Belimo Hydronic Simulator™ is a tool that simulates a hydronic system in a 4-story building with five terminal units on each floor. All terminal units, branches, and the raiser have a manual balancing valve that allows adjusting based on the valve opening. The Simulator identifies and illustrates when the system needs to be balanced and how the adjusting of the valve could impact the entire system. The main purpose of Belimo Hydronic Simulator is to educate on the importance of why pressure dependent valves are not recommended in a dynamic system.

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    Code Required Testing of Life Safety Dampers

    Posted on Wed,May 22, 2019 @ 04:00 PM

    Building codes require the installation of life safety dampers for several purposes. Most are used to prevent the spread of heat, fire, and/or smoke in a life-threatening event. There are four essential types of life safety dampers:
    1) Ceiling radiation
    2) Fire
    3) Smoke
    4) Combination fire and smoke

    Three general applications:
    1) Compartmentation to prevent heat, fire or smoke transfer across barriers
    2) Smoke control systems to prevent smoke movement within spaces or exhaust to the outside
    3) Fire extinguishing or evacuation systems

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    Selecting the Perfect Valve Assemblies for Craft Breweries

    Posted on Tue,May 07, 2019 @ 09:54 AM

    A craft brewery (microbrewery) produces small batches of beer and usually are independently owned. These breweries emphasize quality, flavor, and unique brewing techniques. The craft brewery movement has grown significantly with some breweries expanding production, distribution, and included tasting rooms.

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    Why is it necessary to monitor CO2 concentration in buildings?

    Posted on Thu,Apr 25, 2019 @ 12:25 PM

    Controlling and monitoring indoor levels of carbon dioxide is essential for everyone’s health, safety, and the energy efficiency of buildings. Similar to how we need to breathe fresh air, so do buildings. Ventilation in a building is the essential process of replacing stale air with fresh air. Without engineered ventilation, buildings become susceptible to stagnant air, mold, bacteria, and potentially harmful gasses like radon, VOCs (volatile organic compounds), and carbon dioxide. Prolonged exposure to these elements can lead to “sick building syndrome” where occupants experience acute health and comfort effects.

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    Belimo Energy Valve Helps Red Wing School District Increase Energy Efficiency

    Posted on Tue,Apr 09, 2019 @ 09:35 AM

    Located in Goodhue County, Minnesota, on the western bank of the Mississippi River, the Red Wing Public School District is a model of energy efficiency in the educational sector. Over the last two decades, Red Wing has made a substantial commitment to environmental stewardship and sustainability – leveraging the latest and greatest building technologies to reduce energy consumption and enhance the learning environment for its 2,700+ students. With the Belimo Energy Valves installed across the district, Belimo played an essential role in helping Red Wing achieve its sustainability goals. The Energy Valves help facility personnel optimize Delta T and HVAC system water usage and with cloud connectivity, the district can capitalize on the many benefits afforded by the Internet of Things (IoT).

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    The Importance of Measuring Air Pressure in Commercial Buildings

    Posted on Tue,Mar 26, 2019 @ 12:29 PM
    This article explains why and how to measure air pressure in commercial buildings ensuring occupant comfort and building efficiency. Topics covered include:
    • Air pressure and how it affects commercial buildings
    • Effects of not managing building air pressure correctly
    • How to control the air pressure
    • Measuring pressure
    • Calibration
    • Installation advice and setpoints

    Air pressure is the weight of air molecules pressing down onto the earth and objects. (refer to Figure 1). For instance, cool air molecules are heavier and denser causing the force applied to a structure to be greater while warm air molecules are lighter and have lesser force on the building. There are other complicating factors such as wind, weather and seasonal changes, which will also produce variations in pressure.

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