• New Outdoor and Indoor Light Sensors

    Belimo releases new light sensor models EXT-TN-1071511 and EXT-TN-1066869. New light sensors are available to integrate 0…10V output from the sensed Lux readings to the Building Management Systems (BMS) for energy-saving strategies such as daylight harvesting.  
    Belimo’s outdoor light sensor is designed for grow farms, greenhouses, warehouses, and industrial applications. The EXT-TN-1071511 sensor is available with 0…10V output over three field selectable sensitivity scales from 0…50K Lux (4,645 foot-candles). This sensor transmits the ambient brightness to the BMS, which can control powered light levels in the space for energy-saving strategies such as daylight harvesting. The sensor is NEMA 4 and IP65 rating for harsh conditions.
    The EXT-TN-1066869 indoor model provides a low profile ceiling mounted multi-sensor designed for measuring motion and light in spaces to optimize energy efficiency. The 360° passive infrared occupancy sensor with relay output is for occupancy detection in a room or office space. Seamless integration to the BMS allows energy savings by controlling the space temperature to the unoccupied setpoint. The sensor offers 0…10V output from 0…1K Lux (93 foot-candles) with a green filter photodiode that detects the ambient brightness levels, enabling the BMS to control powered light levels within the space. 
    For orders or technical information, please contact Belimo Customer Service at +1 800-543-9038.
    Technical data on the light sensor models, click on product name  EXT-TN-1071511 and EXT-TN-1066869.

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