New 6-way ePIVs with Factory Assembled Flow Sensors

Belimo released ½ inch 6-Way Electronic Pressure Independent Valves (ePIV), model number P3050B6-KS, and ¾ inch model P3075B6-JS with a flow sensor mounted to the port supplying chilled or hot water to the coil.  
The maximum specified GPM of each valve requires 7 psid pump pressure. The ending "S" in the part number indicates the flow sensor is mounted to the port supplying chilled or hot water to the coil. Models with no "S," the flow sensor is mounted to the port that returns chilled or hot water to the chiller or boiler plant.
The Belimo 6-way ePIV is designed for chilled beams, radiant ceiling panels, and 4-pipe fan coil units providing true flow and dynamic balancing. It has the functionality of up to four 2-way control valves and two balancing valves thus saving material and installation time.
Some key feature 
  • Performs changeover and modulating control for single coil 4-pipe system
  • Provides different flow settings for heating and cooling
  • Zero percent leakage saves energy
  • Reduced material and installation cost
  • Simplified commissioning with flow measurement and verification


The 6-way Electronic Pressure Independent Valve Range 

belimo-epiv-product-rangeLearn more online or contact Customer Service or Technical Support for assistance or further information: US 800-543-9038, Canada 866-805-7089, or Brazil + 55 11 3643-5656.
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