A Comprehensive Look at the Belimo Energy Valve

Not every valve is a problem-solver, but the Belimo Energy Valve is.

Energy is wasted when coils do not operate efficiently. Achieving the ideal amount of heat transfer in a given coil is critical for overall system efficiency. When this does not occur, pumps, chillers and boilers must work harder to maintain space setpoints, a scenario that creates substantial energy waste. This is especially problematic in large chilled water systems because it frequently results in low Delta T – meaning that return water temperatures to the chiller are lower than the designer intended which undermines chiller plant efficiency.

Many of these problems can only be addressed at the coil. Fortunately, the Belimo Energy Valve detect and address all of the following scenarios that commonly impact coil performance and thus system efficiency:
•    Coil degradation due to fouling and scale.
•    Improperly sized coils.
•    Poor valve authority results in under or overflow of the coil.
•    Changes made elsewhere in the system that frequently impact other circuits which are inherently interactive.

The Energy Valve not only keeps owners and/or operators informed of coil performance, it has built-in Belimo Delta T Manager that helps operators analyze and fine tune performance under any and all conditions. Once these problems are eliminated, the opportunities for system wide optimization open up. Owners, engineers, and contractors realize a host of benefits enabled through the Belimo Energy Valve:

  • Combat Low Delta T – The risk of Low Delta T (the most common culprit of major system inefficiencies) is dramatically reduced or eliminated.
  • Enhanced Energy Optimization – Owners capitalize on optimization strategies such as variable flow pumping without risking occupant comfort.
  • Improved Commissioning – Start-up commissioning as well as retro-commissioning is greatly simplified.
  • Better System Maintenance – Operators are much more informed about coil performance and thus better able to schedule preventive maintenance measures.
  • Green Certifications – The Belimo Energy Valve’s ability to analyze, document and optimize performance data to the BAS contributes toward satisfying credit EAc5: Measurement and Verification under LEED.
  • More Effective Control – Engineers are able to implement more advanced control strategies by taking advantage of the data logging provided at individual coils.
  • Smaller Equipment – Buildings are able to meet comfort.

The Energy Valve combines all of the following components:

  • Belimo CCV (Characterized Control Valve)Belimo Energy Valve
  • Electromagnetic flow sensor
  • Advanced control options with Belimo Delta T Manager
  • Supply and return water temperature sensors, for energy management
  • BACnet MS/TP or BACnet IP network communication

The Energy Valve is a pressure independent characterized control valve that is multi-tasking at all times to optimize the coil performance.

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