• Learn How Energy is Wasted when Coils do not Operate Efficiently.

    Achieving the ideal amount of heat transfer in a given coil is critical for overall system efficiency. When this does not occur, pumps, chillers and boilers must work harder to maintain space setpoints, a scenario that creates substantial energy waste. This is especially problematic in large chilled water systems because it frequently results in low Delta T – meaning that return water temperatures to the chiller are lower than the designer intended which undermines chiller plant efficiency.Delta T Manager

    Many of these problems can only be addressed at the coil. Fortunately, the Energy Valve helps detect and address all of the following scenarios that commonly impact coil performance and thus system efficiency:

    • Coil degradation due to fouling and scale
    • Improperly sized coils
    • Poor valve authority results in under or overflow of the coil

    Changes made elsewhere in the system that frequently impact other circuits which are inherently interactive.

    Never before has one valve done so much – from providing superior water flow control to trending and diagnostics.

    A look inside the Belimo Energy Valve
    The Energy Valve combines ALL of the following components:

    • Belimo CCV (Characterized Control Valve)
    • Electromagnetic flow sensor
    • Advanced control  options with Belimo Delta T Manager
    • Supply and return water temperature sensors, for energy management
    • BACnet MS/TP or BACnet IP network communication

    The Energy Valve is a pressure independent characterized control valve that is multi-tasking at all times to optimize the coil performance.

    Accurate and automatic flow control is achieved through the Energy Valve’s electromagnetic flow sensor and patented characterizing disc, which has high rangeability and turndown ratio.  The equal percentage characteristic of the disc decreases “hunting” and stabilizes system output through small, incremental changes in water flow during the first 10 to 30 degrees of valve opening—where control is most critical. Automatic flow control is enabled through the combination of an accurate flow sensor and powerful algorithm that modulates the control valve to maintain the exact flow.

    In addition, the Belimo Delta T Manager continuously monitors the coil Delta T and compares this value with the desired Delta T value or setpoint. For example in a cooling application, if the actual Delta T is below the setpoint, the valve will readjust flow to bring Delta T back to the desired setpoint. Once the appropriate Delta T is re-established, the valve control resumes it is normal operating mode taking its signal from the DDC controller.

    The software monitors and can trend all sensed or calculated values for up to 13 months. These values include water flow, return and supply water temperature, power, energy, or media density and more.

    All of the data that the Energy Valve continuously collects is reported back to the BAS, where it can be accessed for virtually unlimited trending and diagnostics.  For instance, a downward trend in the coil power output could signal that the coil is in need of servicing.

    One solution, so many benefits! Learn more at www.energyvalve.com.

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