• Size Valves and Actuators Faster and with Fewer Errors

    Control valves play a vital role in maintaining the correct temperature in a cooling or heating system.  For that reason Sizing and Selecting Actuator or Valvesalone, proper valve and actuator sizing is crucial to the performance of any HVAC system. Oversized valves lead to a lack of control while undersized valves make it impossible to meet maximum load.
    All that said, sizing the valves for a commercial or industrial HVAC project can be a daunting task, particularly when there are multiple coils and valves on a project. If the system incorporates variable flow (as most do these days) proper sizing is even more important.

    In the past, an engineer or contractor would have to consult the valve manufacturer’s catalog to reference maximum Cv, etc., scanning extensive spreadsheets for the piping pressure drop calculations and data for the selection of pumps and control valves. It is a fair amount of legwork with quite a bit of room for error – particularly if any safety factors are added in.
    Belimo’s new SelectPro™ online sizing tool greatly reduces the margin of error when it comes to sizing valves, valve actuators, and even damper actuators. Relying on an extensive database that incorporates important criteria such as torque, flow rate, differential pressure, etc., SelectPro literally walks users through a foolproof sizing method. With the tool, users can:

    • Calculate control valve or damper actuator cost for any size project
    • Generate valve/damper actuator submittal data for project
    • Print project data, technical data and pricing
    • Export project data and selected products to Excel format
    • Save projects in .bel file for future editing or ordering
    • Automatically upload data through web interface for
    • easy ordering

    SelectPro runs on Microsoft® Windows® 98 or later versions, with Windows XP recommended. A free download is available by going to www.belimo.us

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