• Badger BTU Meters – An Economical Metering Solution

    Belimo now offers the Badger® Series 380 BTU meters to provide an economical solution for metering cold or hot systems.Badger Meter   The 380 BTU can accurately measure temperature differential and flow to compute energy. Utilizing either BACnet or Modbus RS-485 communications protocols and a scaled pulse output, the BTU Meter can interface with many existing control systems.

    The Badger meter is designed to accurately measure flow and differential temperature to compute energy. The Badger® Series 380 BTU meters are used to monitor energy transfer in many HVAC applications such as:

    • Boilers
    • Performance contracting
    • Chillers
    • Energy cost allocation/tenant billing
    • Heat pumps
    • Continuous commissioning
    • Air Handlers
    • Measurement and verification programs
    • Terminal equipment
    • High performance green buildings

    The Badger 380 features a rugged design; temperature, flow and BTU measurement coupled with a scaled pulse output and digital communication capabilities. These notable features ensure years of troublefree performance and make it possible to meter energy where it has not been cost effective before.

    Learn more at: www.belimo.us

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