• A New Era of Energy Management

    The increasing energy demand leaves us all facing enormous challenges. Buildings, both new and existing, will need to make a significant contribution to a more sustainable future. Our personal choices affect future generations, not as much of an impact on the planet as commercial buildings. However, HVAC systems typically account for 40% of the building's energy consumption; the time has come to not just measure but to start managing as we enter a new era of integrated thermal energy management.


    For years we have collected valuable thermal energy information from commercial spaces. The data illustrated how well the building is operating and performing. The flow and Delta T data have proven invaluable when optimizing areas. From finding control valves that allow water to pass when they should be closed, managing flow to increase Delta T, complex holistic chilled water energy-saving strategies, and everything in between. Until now, the only way to get flow and Delta T information into the BMS was typically complex and often involved gateways from the Mbus protocol to the BMS. 


    Designed to EN1434/MID, Belimo's certified thermal energy meters provide valuable flow and energy measurement data, not just to the BMS but optionally to the cloud. From there, it can be automatically distributed to a cloud billing service of your choice. There are methods of getting the unit to talk Mbus also. The non-certified version is for operators who don't need the certification to operate their system with glycol.


    Glycol is a hydrocarbon that affects the viscosity of water and the accuracy of thermal energy meters. Typically, glycol is used in a system as an anti-freeze; too much makes the pumps work harder, too little you risk freezing. Naturally, as it's not something you check every day, many tend to operate a too much than not enough principal as the cost of replacing damaged equipment from icing is less than the additional running costs. However, the non-certified thermal meters not only compensate for glycol but can also tell you the level in the system, allowing significant efficiencies.



    The certified and non-certified thermal energy meters, 22PE series, incorporate ultrasonic transit time technology with no moving parts eliminating wear over time. Each unit is individually wet calibrated to ensure accuracy and repeatability over the life of the product. The 22PE series offers reliable energy measurement, providing customers with the information required to analyze their consumption and control costs. The 22PE series will be available in sizes ½" to 2".


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