Introduction to Belimo Sensors Training Course

Belimo University known for its comprehensive training programs has just released an online module on Belimo Sensors. This training provides an understanding of the features and benefits of sensors, their functions within an energy management system and best practices for installation of sensors in common applications.

For HVAC controllers and Building Automation Systems (BAS) to manage and maintain system performance, they require accurate and reliable sensor inputs. In stand-alone systems, the sensors measure the value of the controlled variable, and transmit the data to the DDC controller to position the dampers, valves, fans, pumps, or other controlled devices for occupant comfort and HVAC equipment safety. Sensor outputs with active or passive signals communicate directly to the DDC controller and the BAS with BACnet MSTP or Modbus RTU protocol. Learn about Belimo sensors and the benefits they offer by taking this 30 minute online training with topics that include:

  • Fundamentals of sensorsOnline_Sensor_Training.jpg
  • Understanding of sensors functions in an energy management system
  • Importance of sensor measurement
  • Sensor types (temperature, humidity, pressure, CO2, and VOC for pipe, duct, and outdoor applications)
  • Differences between passive and active sensors
  • Differences between auto zero and manual calibration
  • Belimo Sensor nomenclature
  • Features and benefits
  • Review of some HVAC applications
  • Best practices for installation

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Online training modules offered by Belimo University include: (computer image with training course)

  • Introduction to Sensors
  • Introduction to Damper Actuator Sizing
  • Introduction to Control Types
  • Introduction to Valve Characteristics and Valve Limitations
  • Introduction to Valve Sizing for Water Systems
  • Introduction to Pressure Dependent Valves
  • Introduction to Retrofitting Butterfly Valves
  • Introduction to Retrofitting Globe Valves

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