Improving Chilled Beam Performance and Cost-Effectiveness

In recent years, sustainability and efficiency have made their way to the forefront of building design.  More so now than ever, owners and contractors are looking to take advantage of the most advanced climate control systems in an effort to lower energy costs, maximize space, and ensure the safe and comfortable use of their structure for many years to come.

The use of chilled beams, in particular, has become a highly popular method of achieving these goals. Originally built to take the place of passive radiant cooling ceiling systems, they provide designers and engineers with the ability to make the most out of their space by dramatically reducing bulky supply and return air ductwork to the minimum size required to meet your ventilation requirements. Heating and cooling loads are served with smaller water pipes and more efficient hydronic systems.

Chilled beams are an intelligent option for both new buildings and retrofits alike; and when used in conjunction with other state-of-the-art technologies like Belimo’s 6-way Characterized Control Valve (CCV), they help reduce life-cycle costs and improve climate-controlling capabilities in structures of nearly all shapes and sizes.

The Belimo 6-way CCV is designed specifically for chilled beams and radiant ceilings. It can perform change over and modulating control for a single coil in a 4-pipe system with functionality equivalent to that of up to four 2-way control valves. This represents significant savings in terms of space, material, and installation time.

Belimo CCV’s innovative ball design features hydraulically decoupled heating and cooling circuits, which means that each sequence is controlled individually by the rotary movement of a single actuator. As a result, one valve can support a coil with two different Cv values.

In addition to substantially reducing wiring requirements, the use of only one actuator6-way characterized control valve simplifies building management system controls and enhances the ability of operators to manage indoor conditions. The 6-way valve is also highly compact and offers a 0% leakage in the closed position, helping prevent energy losses and reducing operating costs.

Using a single 6-way control valve to support chilled beam applications results in reduced installation requirements and minimal labor costs, and in the building sector where lean construction is becoming increasingly important, this is highly advantageous.

Through all of its innovative features, the Belimo 6-way control valve can serve as a highly economical addition to chilled beam applications in a wide range of building designs, and as more and more owners and contractors look for new and effective ways to cut costs and improve the environmental-friendliness of their structure, technologies like it will become increasingly prominent.

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