New Compact Performance Solution that Manages Flow

The new ePIV is a 2-way pressure independent characterized control valve  describe the image
with an integrated electronic flow meter and a powerful control algorithm. The ePIV maintains flow set point regardless of differential pressure variations. It achieves this with its powerful algorithm that modulates the valve based on its measured True Flow. The ePIV offers many features and benefits:

  • Compensates for pressure variations and perform dynamic balancing to maintain system performance at varying loads.
  • Valves are selected based on coil flow rate. No Cv calculations are needed.
  • Maintains pressure independent operation down to 1 psid.
  • Unlike mechanical pressure independent valves that provide an approximated/calculated flow feedback, the built-in electronic flow meter provides True Flow as a feedback to BAS systems.
  • Built-in CCV technology with high close-off pressure and zero leakage eliminates “ghost energy” losses in the system.
  • ZTH US handheld tool provides fast and easy access to settings and values.
“The ePIV is unlike any other flow control device on the market today”, states Ayo Williams, Product Manager at Belimo. “The ePIV not only offers reliable, independent control—it offers several advantages to those who design, install, and rely on flow control equipment.”

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