Universal Access to all MFT Actuators – from Anywhere!

Multi-Function Technology, only from Belimo allows you to create custom solutions for individual applications, using the same programmable actuator. Whether you need a particular control or feedback signal or need to change running speeds, MFT is the answer. It comes standard as a 2 to 10  VDC proportional control but can be reprogrammed on-site. You can modify voltage control, time proportional control, floating point, on/off, and feedback signals too. In addition, MFT makes it easy to set parameters for running time, mechanical working range, address, status, and diagnostics. 

Belimo damper actuators and control valves with Multi-Function Technology (MFT) are an excellent way to standardize your product line while reducing the number of different actuators needed.

The Belimo PC-Tool is a universal software application for setting, commissioning, monitoring, and evaluating communications with Belimo Belimo PC-Tool Software DownloadMFT actuators. Actuators are normally delivered with the basic settings. They can be individually programmed using the PC-Tool and precisely adjusted to the requirements of the system. Service-related diagnostics for the actuators are extremely easy with the PC-Tool. Setpoints can be specified and actual values monitored. The trend recording function can output the information in a graphical format for system documentation.

In short, Belimo PC-Tool software is a graphical user interface that allows the user to set, modify and read actuator characteristics. The Belimo PC-Tool is an MFT support tool that is a practical solution for Controls Distributors and Installation Contractors.

Controls Distributor can:
•    Reduce inventory levels
•    Optimize the flexible MFT product inventory
•    Quickly program an MFT actuator
•    Provide MFT custom retrofit solutions – same day
•    Re-label the actuator with the correct parameters

Installation Contractor or Field Technician can:
•    Connect and program actuators quickly on an as-needed basis
•    Get systems up and running faster for service replacement applications
•    Optimize flexibility of MFT product inventory for replacement applications

Belimo PC-Tool Software
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