• Super Capacitor for Critical Applications


    Super capacitors (SuperCaps) are electrochemical condensers that are faster in response and more reliable than conventional rechargeable batteries. This modern energy storage technology is advancing energy efficiency and the functionality of complex safety solutions around the globe. Belimo has intensively tested and improved the SuperCap technology to equip damper and valve actuators with an innovative electronic fail-safe control function. Testing was under harsh conditions temperatures of 122°F to -22°F [50°C to -30°C] and long-term charging and discharging. Testing focused on the reliability of the electronic fail-safe function with continuous loads. To combine SuperCap technology with fail-safe control actuators, Belimo needed to develop and patented a SuperCap energy management algorithm included in the actuator microprocessor controller. The algorithm safely charges and discharges the SuperCap energy to deliver and ensure reliable long service life.

    This technology is applied wherever safety and energy efficiency are required. SuperCaps absorb energy very quickly and discharge as required. It offers a longer service life and greater cycle-resistant than rechargeable batteries. These properties are desirable for high-tech applications such as defibrillators, aviation emergency exits, automotive air bags, wind turbines, and smart grids.

    SuperCap technology offers HVAC system protection with increased efficiency and speed. During an electrical power supply interruption, dampers and valves automatically returned to their fail-safe position with an electronic fail-safe control function. Water coils are protected from freezing, steam heat exchangers are closed for safety, and fume hood exhaust systems are opened to ensure ventilation. Belimo electronic fail-safe actuators with SuperCap technology offer speed, efficiency, reliability, and versatility.

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